(Room times three)

Sandvikens Konsthall, Sandviken (2016)

Group exhibition with my sister and mother (Amanda and Annika Erixån) where we illuminated the room in three different ways.

Amanda: The outer room (outside our body, bodylanguage)

Freja: The inner room (inside body, feelings, emotions)

Annika: The space(room) in between 

After the exhibition I held an artist talk at the gallery.


88 Känslor


(Attack, Escape or play dead)

Frilagrets galleri, Gothenburg (2016)

In collaboration with artist Ellen Alström where we made common pieces of larger comics on the theme of normative limitations in relation to female experiences. 

The foundation to the exhibition was Rebecca Solnits book "Men explains things to me" (2016).

The exhibition was also shown at Laika galleryspace, Stockholm the same year. 


(88 emotions)

Rum 26, Tredje långgatan 26, Gothenburg (2016)

A solo show made by collages in acrylics and water color. 



(Summer exhibition)

Gallery Magnus Winström (2015)

Group exhibition with mixed art from twenty artists in which I was invited to show four paintings in acrylic and watercolor.

All exhibitions

1. 2019: Mejeriet, Arr: Redan 8/3-2019

2. 2019: Makeriet, Möllevångsgatan 37. Malmö (15/2-10/3)

3. 2018: Gathenhielmska Huset, Göteborg

4. 2018: Fame, a comics group exhibition, Pustervik, Gothenburg

5. 2017: A for Authority, Studenternas hus, Gothenburg

6. 2016: Attack, Flykt eller Spela död, Laika, Stockholm

7. 2016: Attack, Flykt eller Spela död, Galleri frilagret, Gothenburg

8. 2016: TRE X RUM, Sandvikens konsthall

9. 2016: 88 Känslor, Rum 26, Tredje långgatan 26, Gothenburg

10. 2015: City library gallery, Gothenburg

11. 2015: Galleri Magnus Winström, Gothenburg

12. 2015: Klädoteket, Gothenburg

13. 2015: Hemma hos, Spannmålsgatan, Gothenburg

14. 2015: X marks the spot, Gothenburg

15. 2014: Viktors kaffe, Gothenburg


Upcoming exhibitions


Falköping (2019)

Galleri Majkens, Stockholm (2019)

Götene Konstförening, Götene (2020)

Bild, Berättande, Bok

(Imagery, Storytelling, Book)

Stadsbiblioteket (City library) in Gothenburg (2015)

A group exhibition on the theme picture books where I was invited to show my bachelor exam project from Academy of crafts and design (Hdk), Gothenburg. 



(Home at)

Spannmålsgatan, Gothenburg (2015)

Invited by artist Sara Lo Af Ekenstam I created a gallery space in her home for one day.